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Impressions of the LAP

blog 2015-03-15 7

Update from the blog of Hervé

The picture left is not really good, but it is the harvested honey with wax in a melter. It is used to separate the honey and the wax. We have 12 hives at the LAP and we estimate that this year there will be about 50 kg honey harvested.

blog 2015-03-15 8

Also last week, 10 new born piglets. Some on the picture.



blog 2015-03-15 9

Watering the zucchini early in the morning 6:30 AM.

Below, Macaire (vice director and agronomy teacher) announces the results of the mock exam for the 4th year. Teachers were happy with the results, students a bit disappointed. 56% got the exam without a second round and only one did not get the points to have a second chance.

blog 2015-03-15 10

Remarks from visitors: children at the LAP are only busy with studies. Their study method is not the best and there is not enough time for "play". We will look at this seriously.


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