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Fruit trees, results and constructions

Update from the blog of Hervé

You will have a lot of information and pictures about the LAP this trip. The plan is that I spend 2 days per week there.

blog 2015-02-16 4

We have planted 64 fruit trees which are protected by branches. Each of the trees is under the responsibility of 3 students. The trees are: mango, orange, pomegranate, lime, sugar apple.

blog 2015-02-16 5

Protection for the fruit trees is also a place to dry the boots...

Results of the first quarter year 2014-2015

Results of the first quarter are rather good. It is very encouraging especially for the class CAP4 which will pass a state exam in June. With help of excel I had prepared some analysis of the results so that we can see what we can do to help students who are behind.

blog 2015-02-16 6

Front left to right: Banaon (husbandry), Theodore (French), Emmanuel (Director LAP / ASAP), Macaire (Agronomy and vice director), Daouda (Math)

blog 2015-02-16 7

Students coming out of class.

blog 2015-02-16 8

New constructions at the LAP

The sport platform is finally ready for some game of volley ball.

blog 2015-02-16 9

We are also building new dormitories. The 2 new buildings will be able to take 72 new students as of April 1st.

blog 2015-02-16 10

Existing building and the 2 new ones under construction (above and below)

blog 2015-02-16 11

Payment of the tuitions from the parents

blog 2015-02-16 12

Parents have to pay 50 euro in cash and 250kg of corn. Last year we did not check the quality and the volume delivered. This year each bag is checked and stored in the refectory room.


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