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Hard work and fun at the LAP

Update from the blog of Hervé

At the LAP there is accommodation for teachers and for visitors. We took this opportunity to spend 4 days there. Friday we also visited the nearby village of Toungana.

Studies at the LAP

The children at the LAP have the same subjects to study as in any other secondary school plus agronomy and husbandry.

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Many trees are in full bloom right now. Honey bees are really busy. Next week the hives will be harvested.

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Cabbages, onions

All the vegetables are used later on for the meals of the children.

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Students watering the garden

blog 2015-03-08 11

Yvonne could recognize the tables and chairs. They come from the school where she teaches in Alkmaar.

Construction at the LAP

Many new buildings are coming out of the ground: nurse post, building for the grinding mill, dormitories.

blog 2015-03-08 12

Foundation of the grinding mill building and of the drying plateau

We have a lot of difficulties with stray cows, goats, donkeys. We have started to fence the LAP with barbed wire. The perimeter of the LAP is almost 3 km!!!!

blog 2015-03-08 13

Fun at the LAP

Yvonne and Sandra have also brought some material to play games with the students. This was very much appreciated by the children.

blog 2015-03-08 15

Dodge ball explained by Sandra

blog 2015-03-08 16

Yvonne explaining the "walking with a balloon".

blog 2015-03-08 18 blog 2015-03-08 17

Various techniques!!!

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