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Flash LAP December 2015

New infrastructure at the LAP

New houses for teachers

flash lap dec 1

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News from the LAP students - March

lap 2015-03-31 0Students

Activities in the gardens are going strong. Groups of students are starting at 6:30 AM to water the plants and trees. A second watering is also done at 6 PM

lap 2015-03-31 2   lap 2015-03-31 1

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LAP in pictures

Update from the blog of Hervé

blog 2015-03-26 2

The amphitheater construction has restarted

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Impressions of the LAP

blog 2015-03-15 7

Update from the blog of Hervé

The picture left is not really good, but it is the harvested honey with wax in a melter. It is used to separate the honey and the wax. We have 12 hives at the LAP and we estimate that this year there will be about 50 kg honey harvested.

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Hard work and fun at the LAP

Update from the blog of Hervé

At the LAP there is accommodation for teachers and for visitors. We took this opportunity to spend 4 days there. Friday we also visited the nearby village of Toungana.

Studies at the LAP

The children at the LAP have the same subjects to study as in any other secondary school plus agronomy and husbandry.

blog 2015-03-08 4


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Payment of the parents and some gardens

 Part of the payment of parents for the school fees is in corn. We do not have yet a storage place for this corn and we are using the girls' refectory.

blog 2015-02-22 7

We have to check both the quality and the volume delivered. Some parents are sending bags with good corn on the top and bad one at the bottom. Some send last year corn which is full of insects. We are using 4 of the bags per week as part of the food for the 214 students.

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Fruit trees, results and constructions

Update from the blog of Hervé

You will have a lot of information and pictures about the LAP this trip. The plan is that I spend 2 days per week there.

blog 2015-02-16 4

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The LAP seen from the sky

Update from the blog of Hervé

Buildings of the LAP (our Agricultural Secondary School) seen from the sky. There are new buildings constructed in 2014 which are not yet on this picture. The surface of the ground we have is 48 Hectares.

FLASH November 2014

New uniforms

2014-12-15 lap-flash 1

2014-12-15 lap-flash 2Students from first and second year with their new sport t-shirts. Thanks to the generous donors of those t-shirts.

"My name is Alimatou Sangare, I am a first year student at the LAP. I am showing you the new uniform of the school for 2014-2015. Thanks to the sponsors who are making this possible"



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News from the LAP, october & november 2014

Hervé, the founder of ASAP, has been in Burkina Faso for two months. In his weekly blog he writes about everything that is going on with the projects and the country. We have made a summary of all the news about the LAP. There are stories, pictures and even a short video: A day at the LAP. You can read the full blogs of Herve on the website.

A day at the LAP

Rokia gives us a peek of her life at the LAP. She tells about her school schedule, shows us her dormitory and more. You can watch this video on our YouTube channel: watch video: A day at the LAP.

rokia-a day at the lap

New school year at the LAP (Agricultural Secondary School)

The new school year at the LAP has started. There are now 223 students there. 47 among them will be in their 4th year and will pass a national exam called BEPC. Those who get this exam can keep on studying if they wish to.

All the girls are accommodated in their foyer. We have been able to open the boys' foyer which, as for now, can take 37 students. All the last year students (girls and boys) are in the foyers which gives them the best conditions for studying.

blog 2014-10-05 2

Meeting of the students on Monday, first week of October

In July we had to stop our collaboration with the director of the LAP. For this school year we will have 5 permanent teachers and Emmanuel will be the interim director.

blog 2014-10-05 3

From left to right: Math, French, English, Agronomy and Animal Science teachers

New infrastructure for the boys

blog 2014-09-28 8

The wall around the new foyer for the boys.

blog 2014-09-28 10blog 2014-09-28 9

The toilets and showers being built and the house for the person in charge of the foyer.

blog 2014-09-28 11

The first dormitory (we will need another 3) which is accommodating 37 boys.


This year an area of about one hectare was planted with soy. Hares like young soy leaves very much. At least a quarter of the field was destroyed by them.

blog 12-10-2014 5 blog 12-10-2014 6

Soy field at the LAP

blog 12-10-2014 7In a previous container I brought a scythe ("faux" in French). I have tried to have it used by the maintenance guys at the LAP without success. It is better than to use the machete. Last week I tried again. The position of the person on the picture is not that good, but it is a start.

Let's see how long they will use it.

blog 12-10-2014 8

A sesame plant at the LAP, pods along the stem

New shirts

blog 2014-10-19 8

Students of the LAP (CAP1 and CAP2) showing off their new sports shirts.

A girl leaving

blog 2014-10-19 9Unfortunately one of the girls of the last year had to go back to her village this week. She ran away from the school back to her village a week ago. Her explanation on why she ran away were just lies. After discussion with her she said she wanted to come back to the LAP. Solange the foyer manager, talked with the girls in the dormitory first and then with her and decided to have her do a pregnancy test. It was positive. Based on discussion with her, Solange understood that she was not forced to sleep with the boy. We had to ask her to leave the foyer. She decided to leave the school.

Meal preparation at the LAP (In front: Solange and Kadidjatou, at the back the 2 cooks of the LAP).

Preparation of meals for 215 children breakfast, lunch and dinner is not a small business.

Secondary school at the LAP

Each week I am spending 2 days at the LAP. It gives a better idea of what is going on there.

blog 2014-10-26 4

If we get the financing for the infrastructure, we will open the last 3 years of secondary school at the LAP. It is a technical school and we will teach agro business in those 3 years.

Agro business

For students "agro business" doesn't mean much to them. This trip, I spent some time with the 3rd and 4th year to explain to them 'agro business". Before that I asked them what they want to do later.

blog 2014-10-26 5About 80% of the 3rd year wants to become teachers (mainly husbandry and agronomy) for the 4th year they want to become engineer in husbandry and agronomy. A small difference. We had 3 students who want to be ministers, 2 judges, 4 journalists, one parliamentary, only 4 students who want to start their own business.

To give them a better idea of what is agro business, we will plan a school trip to visit production and transformation business in and around Bobo Dioulasso: cow stables, large chicken production, beer factory...



blog 2014-10-26 6

Pictures of the LAP classes

Students are not used to smile in front of adults. We have taught them to say "cheese" in order to have some smile. For some it is a more a grin than a smile.

blog 2014-11-09 3

First year students

blog 2014-11-09 4

Second year students

blog 2014-11-09 5

Third year students

blog 2014-11-09 6

Fourth year students

Harvest of sesame and soya

Last week all the schools had to be closed. All the children at the LAP who are staying in the foyers spent some of their time taking care of the harvest of sesame and soya.

blog 2014-11-09 7

Sesame drying in the field.

blog 2014-11-09 8 blog 2014-11-09 9

Soya harvest

LAP visit on Saturday, November 22nd

I went to the LAP to help fixing the mosquito nets made by Eugenie on the windows of the dormitories.

There was a strong help from the boys. They had also fun using the glue pistol.

blog 2014-11-22 13blog 2014-11-22 14

Dry fish

blog 2014-11-22 15

Making the flour in a sieve

While at the LAP the girls were gathered around Solange and Kadi (their caretakers). They were making fish flour out of dry fish and at the same time there was a discussion going on. It was related to boys.

blog 2014-11-22 16

Newsflash - February 2014


 Vegetable garden of the 3rd year students

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LAP Flash - August 2013

Students of the second and third year have started their new school year early August. The activities of the children are mainly directed toward fields and animal husbandry. They are also following some art drawing lessons.

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Newsflash - May 2013



« MAMOUSKA » the sow has got 7 piglets on May 5th 2013.

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LAP Flash – 2013 March 17

Opening of the girls sleeping quarter for the girls at the LAP

lap-flash-2013-03-26-2 lap-flash-2013-03-26-3
17 Mars 2013 : 63 girl students of the LAP have entered their "foyer"

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LAP Flash - March 2013


2the students council manages all the LAP activities :
Practical activities (garden, coop, piggery) as well as
social and cultural activities. It is composed of 10
students :3 from CAP1 and 7 from CAP2.


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