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Costs Private Agricultural School

The total costs per child per year are € 458,-. The parents of the children pay a contribution of € 98,- per year.

The amount of € 458,-includes:

  • School fees
  • School uniform
  • Medical insurance
  • School materials (such as books and pens)
  • Boarding school (food and lodging)
Description Costs in CFA per year Costs in € per year
Contribution sponsor 235.810,- 360,-

Contribition parents
2 bags of maize (€ 44,-) and cash(€ 54,-)

64.190,- 98,-
Total 300.000,- 458,-

Due to the large distance between home and school, most children currently living temporarily with families near the school. Often the children in the temporary families have to take care of their own meal. Due to lack of time and food, this happens not often.

ASAP will solve this problem by building a boarding school in 2012.


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