Investing in sustainable development

Burkin'art, bronze statues from Burkina Faso (West-Africa)

burkinart logoIn cooperation with renowned African artists Burkin'art has composed a high-quality and affordable art collection. You can buy the sculptures in our gallery in Baarn. The collection consists of contemporary and traditional bronze sculptures in all sizes and price ranges.

Burkin'art is an initiative of the ASAP foundation. With the proceeds from the sales of the statues all structural costs are covered in the Netherlands. The remaining amount will be spent on humanitarian projects in the villages.

Ibraim-Tassere Galerie-Burkin-artExpositie-Burkinart-Nicolaaskapel


Lycée Agricole Privé (LAP)

lap-logoASAP objective is to give children in the villages of Burkina Faso the opportunity to receive quality education. Begin October 2011 the LAP (Private Agricultural Secondary school) opened its doors. Go to the LAP website