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Blog: Women’s day & LAP news

I am writing this blog a bit late. My head was too busy thinking about events of the past week, more on this under the LAP section. Eugenie is back in NL since yesterday. She will be going to the US to assist Claire our daughter who needs surgery for a breast cancer.

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More bottles distribution. This picture in the village of Sokourani

8 March = Women’s day

In most of African countries, women’s day is very much celebrated. In Burkina, a lot of women will buy or get from their husband special cloth designed for this day. In previous year, the control of the supply of those clothes was in the hands of the family of the ex-president. This year there are 3 types of cloth from which one which is more traditional and produced in Burkina.

In Burkina, women are “more free” on this particular day. They can go out without their men, they can drink…. Some people think that this type of behavior is not in the spirit of the women’s day. Some other are thinking that this, on the contrary, is exactly in line with women emancipation.

What is your opinion?

LAP news

We had a major setback at the LAP in the past week. The male students attacked their supervisor in the middle of the night. Luckily there were no injuryies. The boys complained about the punishments given by the supervisor and about bad food. Nothing in our eyes to justify this type of behavior. We are trying to understand the boys, but we are still missing some pieces of the puzzle. We have sent all students (boys and girls) back home for a week. We hope that this will cool off the situation and that the parents will be able to help us regarding some of the missing pieces.

What was for me the more difficult to understand was the arrogance and the defiance of the students when they are normally very well behaved.

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New projects: sanitary napkins

Girls in the country side who have their periods do not have many choices for protection. Either they use old pieces of clothes which are difficult to keep in place or pieces of cotton.

An American Foundation DaysforGirls has developed a washable product, which could help the girls a lot.

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Each of the kit costs € 10 landed in Burkina. We have bought some made in Ghana and are testing at their acceptance here.

Eugenie is looking at the possibility to develop a workshop to produce them if we get enough demand.

Proverbs of the week

If you think education is expensive try ignorance.
Si vous pensez que l'éducation est chère, essayez l’ignorance.

Crooked by nature is never made straight by education
Naturellement tordu, ne pourra jamais être redressé par l’éducation.

I wish you and wish us a better week than the past one.


Lycée Agricole Privé (LAP)

lap-logoASAP objective is to give children in the villages of Burkina Faso the opportunity to receive quality education. Begin October 2011 the LAP (Private Agricultural Secondary school) opened its doors. Go to the LAP website

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