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Blog: Distribution of drinking bottles

blog 2015 02 21 1blog 2015 02 21 2Last Sunday Robert (nephew) and Linda (girlfriend) arrived for a 10-day visit. With the arrival of the new containers they were immediately put to work: Robert to check computer equipment and Linda to help Eugenie to sort other goods.

It is a time of hazy days. Air is full of dust. Kids are getting pulmonary infection during this time. As a protection, mothers put some karité (shea) butter in the nostrils of the children.


Distribution of drinking bottles

We got lots of drinking bottles from “Join the Pipe”. They came with our latest container. Children are drinking in their hand under the water stream of the pump. This is not hygienic (dirty hands) and a lot of water is spilled. The bottles will help solves this.

blog 2015 02 21 3

School of Kofila A & School of Kofila B

blog 2015 02 21 4

School of Kouekouesso A & School of Kouekouesso B

blog 2015 02 21 5

School of Bona & School of Toungana

Good surprise

blog 2015 02 21 6At the school of Kofila A we had funded a garden 15 years ago. After 2 years of activities in the garden, it was abandoned until this year. Why now? The LAP is only a few kilometers away. Men visit the LAP and can see the gardens we have there. One of the farmers has already produced tomatoes and cabbage along the marigot going through Kofila since 2 years. The LAP and the example of this farmer have probably motivated the parents’ association. The question is who will get the vegetables? We do not have a clear answer to this question.

LAP news

blog 2015 02 21 7We spent 2 days of the past week at the LAP. Eugenie had some interesting talks with the students. On Thursday she gave some sexual education to the girls and also explained to them that they could be more in charge of their destiny in the area of being sexually abused by men. With the boys it was on the equality men / women. A lot of the boys did not want to accept this concept. For them they are the boss and the girl has to do what he wants. Still a long way to go, but the seed has been planted.


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Rollier d’abyssinie - Sahelscharrelaar - Abyssinian roller


Les professeurs ouvrent la porte, mais vous devez entrer par vous-même.
Teachers open the door but you must enter by yourself.

Personne n’a jamais tout à fait tort. Même l’horloge arrêtée donne l’heure exacte deux fois par jour.
Nobody is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day

Have a nice week.


Lycée Agricole Privé (LAP)

lap-logoASAP objective is to give children in the villages of Burkina Faso the opportunity to receive quality education. Begin October 2011 the LAP (Private Agricultural Secondary school) opened its doors. Go to the LAP website

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